Level up with La Roche

This stunning project was designed for a client by Jonathon Uglow Garden Design.

This project used our La Roche limestone, a very popular stone with a beautiful mixture of natural fossils, highlights and plenty of character, which complements the tones used in the pool house building as well.

At Stoneworld, we choose to etch the surface of our La Roche limestone with acid. This creates a slip-resistant finish without affecting the beautiful appearance of the stone. La Roche looks very much like a native English limestone, and provides a timeless, authentic luxury to this project.

This project was unique in a number of ways, as the design included bespoke features, made in the Stoneworld on-site masonry workshop, specifically for this garden. Sweeping, long length steps were required, and these were the largest steps we could produce, especially in the areas where there were single, stand-alone steps.

In order to create these long bespoke steps, we visited the site and digitally templated the steps to ensure the correct measurements were taken. We then produced the largest steps we could in single pieces to supply impressive, bespoke steps without excessive joints for a seamless finish. All of this work was done in our masonry workshop, by our expert craftsmen.

Each piece of stone was bullnosed in our workshop to achieve a perfect – but not sharp – bullnose.

The top section of the garden created a perfect space for relaxing, entertaining guests, or simply enjoying the tranquillity of this beautiful space.

This garden had a number of different levels within it, meaning other bespoke steps were also required.

edge profile stone steps

These pieces of stone were also bullnosed, and digitally templated to ensure the perfect size was achieved.

When asked about this incredible project, Jonathon Uglow said: “The garden was technically challenging as it required installing a 10m pool where there was no level ground to accommodate it. By using a clean, simple stone and minimising pattern with larger slabs and bespoke pieces, a sense of elegance and simplicity was achieved, with all the levels visually flowing together. The clients now have a pool to enjoy where it gets the sunshine all day long, and a garden that celebrates all the level changes across the site.”

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La Roche Sawn Acid-Etched Paving
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