Paving the way to a dream garden in Kota Brown

This project was designed for a client by Blueprint and Bloom Garden Design.

Stoneworld recently completed a beautiful project in our very popular Kota Brown limestone – a top choice amongst the garden designers and landscapers we work with.

Limestone is a great choice for an exterior project, as it is hard and durable with an organic, velvety appearance and natural tonal variations.

This popular stone has a variety of stunning earthy tones, creating a rustic Tuscan feel to the project, reminiscent of warm sunny weather.

Kota Brown is a very versatile stone, and works very well with green gardens, as well as both traditional and contemporary settings, making it the perfect choice for any project.

Stoneworld also created bespoke pool corners for this project. These pool corners were each made from one piece of stone, rather than piecing two together. This gives a more seamless effect to the corners of the pool.

This limestone has a textured surface and natural appearance but it is also very practical for outdoor use, due to the grip of the stone, making it a safe option to use around swimming pools. You can choose whether or not to seal the stone as well. If you wish to achieve a more weathered look, you may not want to seal the limestone, but if you would like to keep the stone looking fresh and new, and protect it from UV rays, then sealing it may be the best option.

Finally, to add eclectic detail, the client chose to add Kota Brown hand-cut setts, which finished off the project really well.

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