Raj Tumbled Sandstone Paving & Pool Coping Project

In this project our customer has used Raj Tumbled Sandstone Paving for the hard landscaped areas surrounding the house. Plus bespoke swimming pool copings made from matching Raj Sandstone around the pool.

Initially this customer was enquiring about our Raj sandstone pool copings.  The question posed was: Would our Raj sandstone pool copings match the Raj paving that she had been selected from another supplier?

Why Buy Pool Copings and Paving from the Same Supplier?

We strongly advise customers against buying pool copings and paving from separate suppliers. Differences in tone will show up as a permanent reminder as to why this is not a good idea!

The True Raj sandstone paving available at Stoneworld is quite different to many versions offered for sale under the same name. Our Raj Sandstone Paving is carefully selected from a very specific seam in the quarry to ensuring the product we supply remains true to what Raj sandstone paving is meant to be ie a dark brown and green sandstone resembling old York Stone.

Unfortunately, a lot of the cheaper ‘Raj blends’ on sale in the UK, are not so carefully selected.  The cheaper versions of Raj sandstone can be a mix of colours from pink and grey through to brown and green, creating a rather messy un matched mix of colours.

Please read our blog about true Raj to understand,  What is different about our Raj paving>>

Our customer did some further research herself, and decided to re-order her Raj Green Tumbled Sandstone paving  and matching copings from Stoneworld.  Doing  this ensured there was a quality and colour match across the 2 product types chosen for her project.

Raj Tumbled Sandstone Paving is used  for garden patios and to floor the pool house here.  It features softened edges and surfaces created by the tumbling process.  The resulting slabs have a pleasing timeworn, aged look to them that immediately look established in their setting..

Stone cutting services available at Stoneworld enable a bespoke finish

Our masonry workshop made bespoke pool copings for this project.  The pool design requires bespoke narrow width pool copings on each side.  Access to the pool requires copings to be finished on both sides on one side of the pool.  A bull nosed edge along both long edges of the copings creates a neat and safe edge here.

This exemplary finish to stone is easily attained by Stoneworld. We have an onsite masonry workshop, fully equipped with the latest stone cutting machinery. We can cut and finish stone for any bespoke project.