Stonewizard Eco Brush Cleaning System for Patios & Driveways

Stonewizard can offer you, a new, far more effective way to clean your patio, terrace, driveway, or deck that is also eco- friendly.

Book our skilled team to rejuvenate your patio, terrace, driveway or deck. Using rotating brushes and simply water, our Eco-Brush System gently but effectively washes away ingrained dirt very comprehensively without damaging paving or the environment.

The brush system involves two sets of bristles working on different issues at the same time: the long bristles work on the grooves between the pavers, whilst the shorter bristles clean the patio surface.

  • Surfaces can be washed clean without any damage to the structure, rejuvenating surfaces of stone, brick or wood back to their original clean state.
  • Impressive results can be achieved
  • Pointing joints and jointing sand are not affected.
  • StoneWizard Eco Brush is quiet in operation.
  • No mess, no spray as the dislodged dirt is washed away on the surface not up the surrounding walls.
  • No chemicals required-just water.
  • Very effective at removing ingrained dirt on riven surfaces making it ideal for cleaning Indian Sandstone Patios.
  • Our team is very skilled and will make fast work or rejuvenating your paved areas using the Eco Brush System
  • The Eco Brush System can also remove weeds in the same operation.