Yellow Mint Honed Sandstone paving from Stoneworld makes this magnificent landscaping project. The fine detailing of this project sets it apart.

Read the complete blog to discover the details about digitally templating stone paving and steps for a bespoke finish.


yellow mint sandstone paving project

A grand raised terrace in Yellow Mint Honed sandstone paving sits adjacent to the house.  It creates plenty of room to sit and relax and admire the planted areas below.

Bespoke Garden Steps

Access to the lower parts of the garden is via two magnificent sets of garden steps, fabricated by Stoneworld masonry factory. One curved and the other straight; both are made from yellow mint honed sandstone in keeping with the rest of the paving.

Further linked areas of shaped paving and pathways in Yellow mint sandstone make use of the whole garden much easier

Digital Templating

Digital templating is available at Stoneworld, & enables precision stone cutting to be used to create the curved steps from the upper terrace.  We use a water jet cutter to make individual steps for a precise finish.  Each step has a bull nosed edge creating a safer and more visually appealing step.

The straight steps leading from the upper terrace also feature yellow mint sandstone risers keeping the design unified throughout.

Inset Lighting in Paving

LED lighting on the terrace sits snugly in the paving where Stoneworld has precison cut holes to take the fittings.

Bespoke shaped slabs were cut offsite in our masonry factory enabling a precise design to be constructed by Chiltern Churchill Landscapes.

Patio Sealant is Used Here

Rob Parkers Best Patio Sealer protects all paving in this project.  A great investment at the start of a patio’s life.

This treatment will protect the stone from becoming ingrained with dirt and grease, making it much easier to maintain the space in the future.

This fabulous garden is now ready to relax in !

(Thank you Mr T. for allowing us to use these photographs)