5 Great Reasons to Choose British Stone

Indigenous British natural stone is in high demand, and why wouldn’t it be? The UK offers a great range and variety of stone which has been used in UK architecture and landscaping for centuries due to its myriad of admirable features. In this article, we go through just some of the reasons we at Stoneworld love working with Great British stone, and why you should choose British stone for your project.

The British Climate

It’s no secret, the weather in the UK could be more stone-friendly. With frosts in winter and constant variations in temperature and rainfall, the weather can take it out of a hard surface. However, over years of accrued knowledge stone masons, like ourselves, have identified which British stones are best for which applications. For example, hard-wearing British stones, such as Barset Yorkstone have been used for centuries as paving for its durability and versatility. Whilst versatile limestones like Bath stone have been used for architectural stonework and building materials for houses, churches and public infrastructure throughout the UK.

British stones are often best suited for the UK climate.

In addition, indigenous stone is available in a variety of thicknesses to the market, such as our own 50mm paving slabs. This means that a project can easily survive the harsher climate, and still be going strong years after it is installed.

barset yorkstone british paving
Barset Yorkstone Pool Copings

The Setting

When matching to existing structures or creating a landscaping project that is sympathetic to its surroundings in the UK, a local stone will be your best option. In some instances, this may be a requirement of planning, and in others an aesthetic choice. When considering location and environment, a local stone can add elegance and style to a project; such as adding Purbeck walling, with its grey and buff tones to an existing rural English cottage. From the consistent, subtle browns and greens of Barset Yorkstone, to the creamy white of Portland limestone, there is no shortage of choice within the British stone sector.

The Environment

Being a locally sourced material, investing in British stone means choosing a more sustainable, natural material for your project. The most obvious reason for this is the carbon cost of transporting stone from its source to its ultimate destination. Sourcing from British quarries and stone suppliers means less emissions are generated in this process than, for example, with an imported stone. In addition, sourcing locally supports communities and quarries within the UK, as well as opening up the possibility for end customers to visit quarries and view processes and systems first hand.

The Possibilities

Paving, walling, copings, water features, decorative aggregates and boulders…. the applications when choosing British natural stone are almost endless. Known for its versatility, British stone can be crafted to create unique and innovative projects and features, with modern masonry machinery and techniques allowing for precision and accuracy in each piece. So, why not consider adding those Yorkstone pier caps, or perhaps some bright and elegant Portland steps to your garden?

The Variety

Yorkstone is notoriously sought after, as its name is often interchangeably used when referring to British paving. However, there are other great British stones to consider when looking to incorporate an indigenous stone to your project.

Pemberley Pennant Stone has a similar composition to Yorkstone but is quarried in the Forest of Dean and has beautiful blue and grey hues. Sanditon Stone is an elegant stone found in Devon but used in prestigious UK universities, monasteries and public spaces and can be used for paving, setts, walling and internal flooring.

British stone is a premium landscaping product, which can often mean a high price tag. However, the benefits to a project are tremendous. For customers looking to add an elegant, versatile and durable stone to their project, there is no better material than locally sourced natural stone, especially in a rural environment like the English countryside.

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