Stoneworld is Championing British Stone

In response to higher demand from garden designers and landscapers, we are proud to now have a range of Great British stone. The range seeks to give customers the best choice of high-quality British stone paving.  Buying British stone enables those wishing to make a more environmentally sensitive choice on landscaping projects the ability to do so. 

Great British stone is also a premium product, which will add value and status to any home or project.

Products include stone paving and setts from around the British Isles, including Westmoreland slates, Portland & Purbeck limestones, York stones, and traditional gritstones. 

As we all seek to find more sustainable ways of operating, it is time to rediscover what British stone has to offer landscape design.  

By choosing British stones customers can help the environment. Less transportation requirements from quarry to site will dramatically reduce the carbon footprint on any garden design project. Plus, at the same time we can support our home quarries all around the UK. 

Paving stones are available in a variety of colours from gentle to dramatic hues; traditional and classic formats, and of course British stone will sit extremely comfortably in any landscape design in this country. 

British sandstone is available in many formats, and York stone is of course the classic British sandstone. 

York Stone Paving

We have seven different York stones on offer, each with their own distinctive characteristics, such as Lambton, a self-faced York stone or Barset, a sawn York stone format, in both paving and setts. Plus we have Earnshaw, Linton, Cardale and Bampton (2 colour variations).  

Gritstone Paving

There are also other classic sandstones in the range, such as classic Northumberland gritstones that have a wonderful gritty surface texture. They all have their own individual qualities. 

Pennant Stone Paving

Pemberley , Stoneworld’s Pennant Sandstone Paving is supplied in a natural mix of sandy and greyish blue tones.  The traditional charm of this stone is the natural variation in the stone.  Pemberley Sandstone is supplied at a standard robust thickness of 50mm. We also have an elegant grey/blue toned Pennant stone version, Tevershall 

Purbeck Stone Paving

Sanditon, a Purbeck Limestone Paving, is a classic pale limestone paving that has graced our architecture in the British Isles for many centuries. Grey and buff tones characterise this paving stone. This classic British stone is available in several formats of paving and setts. The subtle colour will give immense elegance to any garden design. 

British Slate Paving

The range also features dramatic dark Cumbrian slates, such as Brantwood, a Westmoreland Green Slate Paving. It has a pale green colour with characteristic markings, that will add dramatic background to any planting scheme. 

Stoneworld Masonry Services

If your design requires bespoke finishing, our team will be able to achieve results you require by using the high-tech stone cutting and carving machinery in our on-site masonry workshop. Any stone can be fabricated to create a unique product by taking advantage of the onsite masonry services available at Stoneworld. Using the latest in stone cutting technology, bespoke stone wall copings, swimming pool copings, step treads, etc can be cut to create a perfect finish on any project. 

Find out more about our Masonry Services here.

We offer a vast selection of paving and landscaping products from all corners of the world. 

Alongside our Great British Stone Selection, we continue to supply high-quality stone from around the globe that our company has become known for. The products available are extremely durable and include beautiful examples of Indian sandstone and limestone. These imported stone products represent the best quality available, and we continue to develop the products on offer with our highly trusted suppliers overseas. 

There are also high-quality porcelain paving choices in a wide variety of colours and formats. 

We aim to empower our customers by giving plenty of quality stone options to choose from.  

Our team is always available to give advice on any stone purchase. If you have any questions, please call us on 01844 279274 or email us at and our team will be happy to help.

View our Great British stone range

Linton Sawn British Paving
From £185/
Lambton Self-Faced York Paving
From £125/
Chawton Purbeck British Paving
From £245/
Casterbridge Portland British Paving
From £295/

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