How do you create a bespoke stone piece?

Have you ever wondered how we create a bespoke stone piece from start to finish?

At Stoneworld, we have an on-site masonry workshop equipped with the latest technology in stone cutting and carving. We make many bespoke stone items, ranging from artistic sculptures, garden features, steps, outdoor kitchens and much more.

If you are looking for something bespoke, we thought we would share the process with you:

Step 1 – Ideas and initial consultation

The first step in creating a bespoke item is to discuss your ideas with us in an initial consultation.

You can bring your ideas to us in any format, whether that is on paper, a CAD drawing or however else you wish to present them. Our Digital Mason will then discuss your ideas with you, and refine any areas necessary. We will be able to work with you to ensure that your idea is viable.

In this phase, our Sales team will be able to provide you with an approximate cost of the project, based on the hours required in the workshop, and the materials involved.

Step 2 – Design and planning phase

During this phase, our Digital Mason will create a digital CAD drawing if you do not have one already, and the design will be refined further. The CAD drawing will be 2D or 3D, depending on the item in question. If it is a bespoke pool coping, this will likely be a 2D drawing, whereas a sculpture with more complex dimensions will be in 3D. We will then send the drawings to you, for final approval, or we will clarify any questions we might have.

Our team are also able to 3D scan a model, maquette or area in your home or garden. These digital templates can be scaled to your desired size. For any 2D, work templating will ensure complete accuracy when we create your bespoke piece. For example, if bespoke steps are being produced, we will template the area where the steps will go, to make sure they are a perfect fit.

Once the designs have been finished, this will allow our team to decipher which materials would be best for the bespoke item, and if you already have a stone type in mind, we can ensure that this would be possible with the design. We will also calculate which size of material you need, in order to make your bespoke item as cost-effective as possible. Finally, we will discuss the desired finish that you would like for your bespoke piece.

Step 3 – Fabricating the bespoke stone feature

Our workshop is equipped with a range of technology including:

  • 3 axis water-jet cutter
  • 7 axis stone carving robot
  • 2 x GMM 5 axis saws
  • Porcelain cutting facilities

When the final design is ready, our Digital Mason will be able to programme the tool paths, and output the programmes in order to produce your bespoke piece.

Step 4 – Finishing the product

The last step in the process is to finish the bespoke item to the highest standard.

Bespoke pool copings

Pool copings will be finished in different ways, depending on the edge profiles chosen. If the pool copings have pencil edges or pencil-rolled edges, these will be hand finished by our skilled craftsmen.

If the pool copings have been designed to have half bullnosed or bullnosed edges, these will be completed on the Kolb Genius machine, and then hand finished and buffed, to create a beautifully smooth edge.

Bespoke sculptures and other features

Bespoke sculptures, garden features, house signs and other items will be finished in different ways, depending on the size, design and material. We will discuss the finishing options with you in the initial consultation phase.

All of our bespoke products are cleaned, sealed and packed at the end of the process, ready for you to enjoy.

Take inspiration from some of our previous projects

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We hope that this gives you an insight into the process behind creating a bespoke product.

If you have any further questions or if you would like to talk to us about a bespoke piece you have in mind, please call us on 01844 279274 or email us at and one of our team will be happy to help you.

Alternatively, you can leave your details and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Please leave your details and we will be in touch.

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