Where can I buy a bespoke stone staircase from?

Stone staircases are now very popular in UK interior design projects.

Whereas previously one bought a house with a staircase in it, and lived with it, regardless of the style, staircase replacement has now become another area in the home ripe for creative design.

Since wood floors have become popular, companies offering oak staircases with decorative balustrades have proliferated.  Glass handrails, steel handrails and wrought iron handrails are often used to accent new style staircases, bringing yet more creative opportunities into staircase design.

These developments have moved the industry on immensely and homeowners, interior designers and property developers have had their appetite whetted for creating unique designs in this area.

It is now possible to commission a bespoke staircase in many different materials, including stone.

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Stone staircases create an elegant and strong design statement in the home.

What stone is suitable to use for making a stone staircase?

Many stones are suitable for use.  The choice available is only limited by the time required to source the stone and budget restraints.

Some suitable stones for building a stone staircase:

Portland stone has been used for creating classic staircases for centuries, as has marble.  These stones are still available for modern staircase design.  However, a Moleanos Limestone staircase or a  White Mint Sandstone staircase could could also create a contemporary or classic staircase.  For a stone staircase with warmer golden beige tones have a look at La Roche Limestone staircase.

Speak to your stone supplier who will be able to advise you on many suitable stone types for your home.

Where can I buy a stone staircase from?

A stone staircase is made by stone cladding a concrete structure, covering all exposed concrete surfaces.

The process will include several trades to achieve the finished design.

Initially you will require a design.  There are specialist companies that can do this.  Then a concrete pouring company will create the structure.  Afterwards you will need a stone company with masonry cutting ability to create the stone cladding parts to complete the design.

How is a stone staircase built?

After the concrete staircase structure is in place, contact a stone supplier to take it onto the next stage.  They will need to be able to offer templating services, and masonry cutting services.  The stone staircase (finished look) is created by cladding the concrete structure with individual pieces of stone.  Depending on the complexity of the design, each of these pieces may need to be individually cut.  Using a company that can provide digital templating is important, as these projects can be quite complicated, and the success of the design will hinge on the accuracy of the templating.

Remember to consider what kind of balustrade is required, and how it will be fixed to the staircase, as any required holes will need to be drilled before fitting.

For instance, a monkey tail flourish at the end of the handrail (sometimes called a volute) will require a specially designed larger base step to accommodate this design.

What design details can be added to a stone staircase?

If you have access to a skilled masonry workshop, then a unique and beautifully designed stone staircase can be achieved.

Additional design details you may wish to consider for your stone staircase:

As mentioned above, a monkey tail or volute end to the handrail can be accommodated and will need a specially designed base step called a curtail step, to accommodate it. Decorative base steps, such as a bull nose step. This features a quarter circle end to either or both ends of the step. Lighting channels to accent each tread. These can be discreetly inserted by skilled stone cutting. A curved staircase. To create the curve winders are required, which are step treads that are narrower at one end than the other Step treads will need to have the nose, or front edge finished. This is normally bull-nosed, but there are other finishes possible. Speak to your stonemason about the alternatives.

Stone staircases are set to be a permanent trend in luxury new builds and refurbishment projects. The technology available at contemporary stone masons makes their production much more straightforward than in years gone by. Take a look at a stone staircase option for your project.

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