How Much do Pool Copings Cost?

What are pool copings?

Pool copings are an essential part of a pool build and, ultimately, along with the surrounding paving or surface and pool interior design, determine the look and feel of the whole swimming pool. 

A pool coping is the stone or tile on the edge of the pool, the part that you hold on to when you are in the water.  So, feel, thickness and texture are all important considerations when choosing your pool coping.  The main types of coping are concrete, stone, porcelain and tiles.  There are lots of different types of pool copings, so how much do pool copings cost? 

pool coping edge profile
Moulded Concrete

Concrete can be moulded into pool copings, either flat with a rounded edge (bullnose) or a sloping top surface.  Moulded concrete copings will cost £25 – £47.52/lm plus VAT.  This is the lower end of the price range.  As these copings are manufactured there is a limited choice of colour, usually white or beige. These were the industry standard during the 1980’s – 2010 but now the market has changed. These products are not the quality that is required in todays enviroment and as a consequence there are now no suppliers of this product. Customers who have this product as their pool will have been built during the above time scale and when copings fail replacements are now not available so a full refurb is required. In this situation one of the following options will need to be chosen  

Natural Stone Pool Copings

Pool copings can be natural stone and there are lots of different types and colours in natural stone.  You can choose a sandstone, limestone, granite and basalt or travertine pool coping with a bullnosed or pencil-rolled edge or over lip (see edge profiles here).   

The cost of natural stone pool copings varies.  The thicker the stone the more expensive the stone is.  However, a thicker stone will be more comfortable to hold on to when in the pool.  The finish of the stone also affects the cost.  If you choose a natural stone with a naturally riven surface such as Raj Green Handcut Coping which costs £53.00/lm,  that has not had additional processes applied then this is less expensive than a stone which has had more processes applied, such as honing or sandblasting, etc, to achieve a certain aesthetic or texture, such as the Moleanos Sawn & Sandblasted Pool Coping which is £87.50/lm

At Stoneworld’s masonry workshop we can produce made-to-measure pool copings to your specification.  If you have a particular size or would like a different edge profile, thickness or finish, then we can make this for you.  This would be priced on application by pricing the stone and workshop costs. 

moleanos pool copings
Moleanos Sablino Copings

Porcelain Pool Copings

Porcelain is a man-made material produced from clays and minerals such as feldspar.  It is a very hard-wearing, stain-resistant and low-maintenance material which can be used inside or out.  The design of the tile is printed on the surface, and they are produced with different slip-resistance values, so ensure you check this with the supplier if the tile is suitable to be used around swimming pools.   

Bullnosed porcelain pool copings can range from £56.00/lm to £100/lm, depending on the porcelain they are produced in.  Cheaper porcelains are produced in India and Turkey, whilst the more expensive porcelains are produced in Italy and Spain.  Dropdown copings can be produced in porcelain, such as this Cobalt Light Grey Drop Down Pool Coping which starts from £82.50/lm.  These give the effect of a thicker coping, as porcelains only come in 10mm (internal) or 20mm (external).   

Porcelain pool copings and paving project
Porcelain Pool Copings
What’s next?

Stoneworld have been been fabricating pool copings for over twenty years, and are one of the UK’s leading producers. With a state of the art masonry workshop, we are able to create curves, Roman ends, bespoke designs and more. You can get in touch with our expert team by email at or by calling (01844)279274

Written by;
Ellie Parker
Sales Manager

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