What Edge Profile can I have on Stone?

What is an edge profile?

The edge profile is the finishing touch to a piece of stone. Offering a variety of looks and functions, edge profiling is cut to precision and hand finished in our workshop by skilled stone masons.

From a traditional bullnose, to a more contemporary pencil rolled edge profile, you can choose the perfect edge to your stone coping, steps and more.

pool coping edge profile

What does each term mean?

Deciding on an edge profile to apply to your project is the step which will make it truly unique. So, what do all these terms mean? Below we have created a graphic to help give you a better idea of how each edge profile will look.

edge profiling chart

Each edge has its own characteristics. A bullnose, for example, could be considered the more traditional option for a pool coping, while a top pencil roll is a more minimalistic choice, giving a contemporary feel. This is also a great option for stone steps or low wall copings, offering practical benefits as well as aesthetic. Of course, for a more rustic, natural look, you could also consider the traditional, hand fettled edge shown above.

Functional Edge Profiles

Functional features can also be added such as drip grooves, available at 5 or 10mm, which will help stop water reaching the wall behind the coping, for example when rain water drips down the coping from the top surface. The groove is cut around 25mm into the stone and sits underneath, helping to direct water.


Alongside deciding what edge profile is perfect for your project, you can also choose a finish for your stone. There are many finishes available, and we apply the optimum finish for both beauty and application. Our natural stone can be sourced to order, so that you can tailor the finish to best suit the specification of your project.

edge profile stone steps

All of our edge profiling is completed on site in our Great Milton workshop using state of the art precision technology and hand finished by skilled stone masons. You can find out more about our masonry capabilities here.

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Written by;

Ellie Parker

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