Covent Garden project with sculptor

Sculptor David Worthington's design included one large ‘boulder’ and five smaller ‘pebbles’.

David Worthington was commissioned to provide a modern sculpture for display in a public area of London’s Covent Garden. His design included one large‘boulder’ and five smaller ‘pebbles’ all of similar size and shape. The stone of choice was Red Travertine from Iran. Following machining on StoneGenie they were smoothed and polished by David, by hand.

The use of StoneGenie on a project like this is the ability of the machinery to manage large pieces of stone at the beginning of the project, bringing the initial carving up to a manageable level for the sculptor in a much faster time, and on hand in the UK, rather than having the roughing out done overseas, with all the associated issues of managing the project from afar.

Let us know your sculpture ideas on 01844 279274 or email us at and we will be happy to help.

Glacial Boulders
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