Ecclesiastical Sculptures in St-Albans Cathedral

Beautiful ecclesiastical sculptures brought to life with Stoneworld's help

Our team were involved in this long and meticulous project commissioned by respected ecclesiastical sculptor Rory Young.

Our digital scanner recorded digital files of clay models created by Rory. We then programmed these into our digital stone carving robot.

Perfect replicas were then produced using our robotic stone carver.

Initially polystyrene models were carved. After Rory was satisfied with the results, the stone figures were carved, bringing the work to within a few millimetres of the finished surface.

Rory then took possession of the 7 stone carvings and worked painstakingly on them using traditional sculpting skills to complete the sculptures.

The finished figures were then polychromed and unveiled in St Albans Cathedral as a celebration of the cathedral’s 900 year anniversary in 2015.

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