Stone Facing for Exterior Walls

Stoneworld offers an extensive variety of Natural Stone Facing for Exterior Walls, suitable for all types of projects including exterior and interior.

What is stone facing?

Stone facing is a technique of cladding a building with a natural stone. This method allows for adding aesthetic features to the appearance of a building. Moreover, it has plenty of benefits as it can help to prevent the building from serious weather conditions and add an extra layer of insulation.

The process of stone facing consists of attaching stone panels to the surface by professionals who use a combination of mechanical and adhesive fasteners. 

Stoneworld has years of experience in stone facing. We can create bespoke walls for your project.

Types of Exterior Stone Cladding:

Why should you choose Exterior Natural Stone Wall Facings?

The benefits:

  • Ideal for commercial and residential projects.
  • Mimics the appearance of a stone building.
  • Gives the appearance of a full bed.
  • Economical to use – sustainable due to reduced transportation costs.
  • Enhanced cost-effectiveness.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reliability – highly durable and versatile.
  • Can be used for indoors or outdoors.
  • Comes in various finishes.
  • Broad range of stone colours, types and formats.

Our Wall Stone Facing is cut from natural stone (30mm thick) and the convenience of formats provide easy installation in areas that are space restricted, ensuring suitability for commercial and residential projects! Build stone wall using our wide range of materials!

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