Match made in heaven: Fossil Mint and Purbeck walling

For this project, the client was looking to source stone for their extension that was being built onto their existing stone house.

It can be very challenging to find a good match for existing stone, and the client had ordered other samples from another stone company, but found that these were too yellow in colour. This existing stone was quarried locally a long time ago, meaning a match is hard to find as there are no local quarries operating in the area where the customer lives any longer.

Stoneworld were able to perfectly match the client’s existing stone, supplying Purbeck dry stone walling.

In order to create a relaxed patio area, the client opted for our popular Fossil Mint tumbled paving with warm tones, which complimented the Purbeck walling very well.

The customer opted to use the Fossil Mint tumbled slabs as step treads, risers and wall copings. This was possible due to our paving stones being 30mm thick, making them versatile and suitable for wall copings and step treads.

Fossil Mint tumbled paving is a very versatile paving stone that suits rustic cottage properties like this one, and the same can be said for Purbeck walling.

The customer was very happy with these products and we think the finished results of the project look fantastic!

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