The staycation is king this year, so why not transform your garden into a glorious haven where you can relax and spend quality time with family and friends! (Adhering to lockdown measures of course!)

Exciting opportunities for a new landscaping project abound,  so find your inspiration here and begin to create your dream garden haven!  Here at Stoneworld we pride ourselves on the high standard of service we provide by selling the best quality stone, offering innovative solutions that enable customers to excel in their projects.

Throughout the lockdown period, there has been particular interest in swimming pool developments. As such, we would like to advise you on 5 different types of stone which are great for pool copings.

  1. White Mint Sandstone (Sawn & Sandblasted) Pool Copings

This stone is pale in colour which contrasts perfectly with natural surroundings. White Mint Sandstone pool copings are a great choice for anyone who has a preference for contemporary pool designs. Sandblasting enhances the beauty of the stone, giving it texture. This also ensures the area surrounding the pool is safe by creating a slip proof pool coping. Our White Mint Sandstone pool copings are part of our standard range, which are always in stock and available for quick delivery. ‘Made to Measure’ pool copings are also available which enable us to work closely with you and your specifications to produce bespoke pool designs.


  1. Yellow Mint Sawn Sandstone Pool Copings

Yellow Mint Sandstone pool copings give a more natural look which would be a beautiful choice for a pool in a rural setting. The slight colour variation within the yellow of the stone is stunning when dry and wet making it a particularly popular choice. Yellow Mint Sandstone pool copings are available as Standard, measuring  600 x 350 x 50mm. Select from honed (a smooth, slightly polished) or sandblasted (textured) finish. Ensure you select your matching paving at the same time for a perfect finish


  1. La Roche Limestone Pool Copings


La Roche Limestone is the perfect choice for anyone looking to give there pool a Mediterranean flare! It has a beautiful light colour that comes alive in the sunlight! The natural texture of this stone plus the applied surface treatments, provide optimum slip resistance, ensuring safety is at the forefront of all designs.  We offer the La Roche Limestone as paving, pool copings and edging allowing you to give your projects that finished look.



  1. Shadow Basalt Pool Copings

Shadow Basalt pool copings inject drama into any pool design. The dark stone lends a sleek and luxurious feel, thus making it a great choice for anyone producing indoor pool projects. Our Shadow Basalt slabs are flamed finished, providing an anti-slip surface. This is particularly important around the pool area. A paving and pool coping combination in Shadow Basalt slabs gives a really clean finish which adds to its luxurious look. Shadow Basalt pool copings are now part of our standard range. However, as with all our products, bespoke pool copings can be made to your specific requirements, using the expertise available in our high tech masonry factory.

Shadow basalt pool coping 2

Check out this ‘Made to Measure’ Shadow Basalt pool copings project on our website>> 

Contact us to discuss your own bespoke, one of a kind design. We have years of experience helping customers achieve their dream pool finish.


  1. Raj Tumbled Sandstone Pool Copings

Raj Tumbled Sandstone is a stunning stone both wet and dry. When wet it has more muted tones, and when wet, really dramatic.  Our True Raj Sandstone is reliably brown and green in colour, almost resembling a York stone.

View our Raj Sandstone range here>>

When designing a pool using Raj Sandstone, ensure that both copings and paving are always sourced from the same supplier.  We advise avoiding the cheaper Raj blends that are available as they can be an unrefined mix of many colours.  This will negatively impact on the uniformity of a design. At Stoneworld our Raj sandstone  is always sourced from our reliable suppliers. This ensures uniformity of quality and colour throughout the range we offer. The tumbling process on this format produces a stone with softened edges and surfaces. The slabs have an aged look from the beginning.

Here we have featured just five fabulous stones from our extensive range of natural stone and porcelain for pool copings. Our standard range is always in stock.  We can manufacture bespoke orders quickly. Matching paving is always available to complete your project.

Plus, we also make Roman Ends, deck level pool coping sets, inspection covers, steps, lighting channels and seating.

Check out our full range of Standard pool copings here>>

For bespoke designs please see our ‘Made to Measure’ pool copings here>>