Elegance Large Format Porcelain Sheets

Elegance large Format Porcelain Sheets for interior design projects.  These jumbo sheets of laminated porcelain open up many creative possibilities in the home.  Use them for shower enclosures and wall cladding projects.  The Elegance range features tiles which resemble beautiful classic marble in natural tones.  Smaller tile size  formats are also available within the range to create a complementary schemes.



Elegance large Format Porcelain sheets are available as Laminated porcelain in natural, satin or honed surface finish suitable for walls

sizes available: 1000mm x 3000mm x 5.5 mm | 1000mm x 1000mm x 5.5 mm |  500mm x 1500mm x 5.5 mm

Butterfly pattern sheets (A + B) 1000mm x 3000mm x 5.5 mm available in  Calacatta

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Porcelain Cutting Services available

We have onsite cutting available in our masonry workshop.

Our experienced masons use the latest and most effective water jet cutter to efficiently fabricate porcelain to your requirements. Find out more>>



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