Paving: 8 reasons why you should choose natural stone over concrete

Whether you are looking for a new patio or driveway, paving is a good choice to use for your design. However, sometimes the choice of materials can be overwhelming. This article will hopefully provide you with some guidance as to why we would recommend choosing natural stone paving for your projects.

Here are 8 reasons why you should choose natural stone as your paving solution.

  1. Every slab of natural stone has its own colour, texture and natural markings. This makes your design unique in comparison to manufactured coloured concrete.
  2. If you maintain and seal your natural stone, the colour and appearance will stay the same over time. It does not wear, unlike paving equivalents.
  3. Natural stone is a hard material that can withstand wear and tear.
  4. Natural stone is more frost resistant than other materials.
  5. Natural stone is easier to maintain than concrete paving equivalents. They just need a simple clean. At Stoneworld we advise the use of our Rob Parker’s Best products to maintain and care for your stone.
  6. You can easily avoid threats like fungus. Just make sure you seal and maintain your stone.
  7. Natural stone will increase the value of your house when you decide to resell.
  8. Prices of natural stone are more competitive now compared to the past. In the long-term, natural stone is a cost-effective solution

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Stoneworld can offer you a huge choice in natural stone paving slabs for patios and paths plus other hard landscaping materials for the garden. We are careful only to source the best quality stone paving and landscaping products from around the world. This ensures our customers can enjoy the results of fine quality products in their gardens for years to come. 

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