What gravel should I use for my driveway?

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There are many advantages to using gravel to transform a variety of areas around your property. We have created a quick guide to inform you which type of gravel you should use for your driveway.

Style of stone

Gravel used for driveways must be a hard-wearing stone such as basalts, granites, flints and quartz. This is because it will see and must withstand higher and heavier traffic. We also highly recommend selecting a stone that is darker in colour as it hides any dirt or dust that will accumulate over time.

What size gravel should I use?

It is often recommended to use 20mm size stones rather than 10mm to create a gravel driveway. Whilst we argue both are perfectly suitable for use in a project, 10mm gravel can sometimes get caught in tyre treads of larger cars so a larger gravel may work better in some instances.

What depth should a gravel driveway have?

If you are using a 10mm aggregate to create your driveway, we suggest making the depth of the area 50mm thick.

However, if you are looking to use 20mm aggregates, you will need to make the depth of the driveway 50-60mm thick. This is because larger aggregates will settle and bond together better than smaller ones.

Advantages of using gravel

The advantages of using gravel to create your driveway are endless:

At Stoneworld, we stock many different coloured, sized and textured ornamental aggregates and gravel sourced from all over the world.

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