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Pierre de Bourgogne Paving

Natural Stone Paving
From £185 ㎡

Pierre de Bourgogne paving embodies the beauty and quality associated with French limestone. This natural stone paving has beige tones featured throughout with an attractive rubbed finish. It’s natural characteristics and unique veining patterns complement any landscape or architectural style.

Choose between two width options: 300mm and 400mm or 400mm and 500mm, allowing you to create various patterns and layouts that complement your vision. The availability of Running or Free Lengths ensures seamless installation, providing a seamless flow to your outdoor areas.

To cater to different application needs, Pierre de Bourgogne is offered in two thickness options. For interior projects, the 20mm thickness is ideal, providing a sturdy and reliable foundation for indoor spaces. When it comes to exterior applications that demand durability and resilience, the 30mm thickness option ensures long-lasting performance in the face of the elements.

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