Bespoke Deck Level Pool Copings in Moleanos Limestone

In this project we devised a new way of creating deck level pool copings that enables the whole coping set to be made from solid stone.

The overall finish of the design is enhanced by eliminating  the need for plastic inserts. Moleanos limestone has been used to make these deck level pool copings.

A 3 piece deck level coping devised by Stoneworld enables the scheme to remain unified.  The pool surround and deck level copings match perfectly.

Using technology for design and water jet precision cutting, a superb practical and beautiful design has been achieved.

Cleverly cut copings enable easy installation for the fitters as the copings are cut to create a flat bed. However, the soakaway angle is incorporated into the design by carving away the underside of the pieces creating the correct surface angle for water drainage. On the surface the 3 pieces of the coping system and grille sit perfectly smoothly to each other, enabling the creation of  a perfectly angled set of copings to take the overflow water away.

We also cut bespoke curved copings for the spa, creating an accurate curve for the circular design, using digital templating.

All masonry cutting is done by our skilled team in our onsite masonry workshop.

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Moleanos Sawn & Sandblasted Pool Copings
From £54.60/Each
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