Elevating Interiors with Elephant Grey Rio Porcelain Tiles

Our recent project involved the seamless integration of Elephant Grey Rio Porcelain Tiles in both a sophisticated bathroom and a lavish indoor pool area. With a focus on durability and aesthetic finesse, our tiles offer unmatched resilience in various environment. The porcelain tiles, provided a sleek slate-effect finish, ideal for easy maintenance.

Elephant Grey Rio Porcelain Tiles


The Elephant Grey Rio Porcelain Tiles, carefully selected for their premium quality and elegant slate-effect finish, transformed the bathroom into a serene epitome of modern luxury. The tiles, measuring at 600x600x10mm, not only added a touch of sophistication but also facilitated effortless maintenance, ensuring pristine appearance despite daily use.

Elephant Grey Rio Porcelain Tiles
Elephant Grey Rio Porcelain Tiles

Indoor Pool

In the indoor pool area, we utilized the same premium quality Elephant Grey Rio Porcelain Tiles, to create bespoke pool copings and grills, emphasizing both functionality and elegance. By utilizing our onsite cutting services, we ensured precise and tailored design solutions, resulting in the seamless integration of the tiles with the overall aesthetic.

The custom-designed grills, created with attention to detail , not only serve as a functional air vent but elevates the overall visual appeal, showcasing the versatility and enduring elegance of the Elephant Grey Rio Porcelain Tiles.

ResiDUAL Jointing Compound

To achieve a seamless and durable finish, we recommend using ResiDUAL Jointing Compound. This resin-based grouting compound guarantees efficient water drainage and minimal maintenance, preserving its original appearance over time.

ResiDUAL Jointing Compound consists of two parts that you must mix according to the provided instructions. The process is straightforward, and you can find it here. Once you have mixed it, wet the area, and sweep the grout into the joints to create a perfect finish

Elephant Grey Rio Porcelain Tiles

Our commitment to premium quality porcelain extends to our cutting services, available for both our sourced and external porcelain, ensuring tailored solutions for each unique project.

Contact us at sales@stoneworld.co.uk | 01844 279274 to discuss your specific project requirement.

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