Preserving Heritage Charm at Pond Farm

Pond Farm; where old-world charm meets contemporary sophistication. We had the privilege of working alongside our client and their garden designer, providing them with our quality paving, walling, and pool copings, to complete their garden renovation. With careful consideration, our Kota Brown Limestone, Black Sandstone, and Purbeck Stone were selected to create an inviting outdoor space that compliments it original features.

Kota Brown Paving & Pool Copings

The understated brown and beige tones of Kota Brown Handcut Paving offer an understated and traditional feel, complemented by matching Kota Brown Hand-Cut Pool Copings, to ensure a cohesive look throughout this poolside area.

Kota Brown Paving
Kota Brown Pool Coping

Black Sandstone Tumbled Paving

The Black Sandstone Tumbled Paving was a natural choice for Pond Farm. With its warm hues and handcrafted appeal, it blended seamlessly with the existing and original old York stone, creating a seamless transition between the new and the old. The antiqued tumbled finish added an aged look and feel, providing a charming touch that mirrored the character of reclaimed York Stone.

Black Sandstone Tumbled Paving
Black Sandstone Tumbled Paving

Purbeck Dry Stone Walling

To create a cottage-style feel and pay homage to the existing walling, we recommended our Purbeck Dry Stone Walling. This choice not only respected the heritage of the property but also brightened the stonework. Additionally, the Purbeck Dry Stone Walling beautifully complements the Kota Brown Handcut Paving, creating a cohesive look across the entire outdoor area.

Purbeck Stone
Purbeck Stone

From the pool, to the patio areas and walled spaces, every detail was considered and tailored to the client’s needs and requirements. By providing the landscapers and pool builders with the chosen products, we ensured a seamless and hassle-free experience throughout the entire process.

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