New School Building Adorned with La Roche Limestone Flooring, Steps, and Paving.

La Roche Limestone flooring, bespoke staircases, and paving for a large school project.

This project showcases the incorporation of La Roche Pearl limestone flooring, paving, and bespoke steps in a new Sixth Form Centre at a school, aimed at fostering an atmosphere that sparks curiosity, creativity, and academic excellence.

The Interior

In this commercial new build project, we produced and installed our popular La Roche Pearl limestone, in flooring and made-to-measure staircases. This process involved digitally templating the stainless steel structures, before producing the bespoke pieces to fit accurately, resulting in a seamless integration with the surrounding elements. The selected limestone brightens the indoor educational space, creating a positive and inviting atmosphere.

The Exterior

To achieve a seamless flow throughout the entire project, we provided our La Roche limestone in a paving format for the outdoor area. This features our 40mm paving with matching setts, and an integrated hidden man hole cover.

Specification Process

In 2018, we were initially approached by TSH Architects regarding a project for St Edwards School. The scope of the project involved refurbishing the outside courtyard and constructing a new block. The local architects expressed interest in examining suitable stone options for both the courtyard and the dining hall flooring. 

During our consultation, we presented them with La Roche Pearl limestone, showcasing the different finishes for the exterior and interior applications. For the outside limestone, we demonstrated the acid-etched surface, while the inside stone flooring featured a brushed and tumbled finish. The architects were highly impressed with the colouration, as it complemented the existing red brick building and the Yorkstone used in the new construction. 

Once the stone’s colour was approved, our next focus was ensuring its slip resistance. We obtained slip resistant ratings and conducted practical tests to guarantee the architects’ satisfaction. Once this was approved, the architects specified our La Roche Pearl limestone to Benfield and Loxley, the contractors. Despite the challenges faced by the COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully supplied and delivered the limestone on time, one year later. 

TSH Architects returned to us for this commercial project involving the sixth form. Once again, both interior and exterior stone, as well as the staircases were crafted using our La Roche Pearl limestone.  

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