How suitable is natural stone for outside use?

This article provides some tips for purchasing natural stone, to ensure the best quality for exterior use

Most of our products are for exterior use, from paving, to pool copings, to bespoke feature items and much more.

There are a few things to note when purchasing natural stone, to ensure that it will bring you years of enjoyment.

Stone Quality

It is very important to buy high-quality natural stone, especially if it will be outside subjected to the elements. At Stoneworld, we only source our natural stone from reputable suppliers around the world, as this guarantees consistently high quality.

Stone Thickness

It is also worth considering the thickness of your natural stone. If the stone you are choosing for a patio for example is too thin, it will likely break during the installation. Similarly, if it does not break initially, you may find that the slabs are not laid sufficiently due to the stone being too thin. This could result in your patio slabs breaking or coming loose very quickly.

We provide our exterior paving in a minimum of 20mm thickness, to ensure that it is durable and hardwearing. For areas of high foot traffic, we also supply extra-thick paving of up to 50mm, such as at Bicester Village Shopping Outlet where we supplied our Raj Green extra-thick paving.

Our extra-thick paving at Bicester Village Shopping Outlet

Stone Finish

When choosing natural stone for an exterior project, you also need to think about the finish. If you are using natural stone pool copings, and paving to surround the pool, you will want to choose a textured finish, rather than a polished, honed finish. By choosing a textured finish, this will create a slip-resistant effect for your stone, meaning it is safer to have around a swimming pool, especially if it is to get wet.

Stone Care

It is also important to seal your stone sufficiently, to reduce weather related impacts. At Stoneworld, we supply a range of stone care and maintenance products to help you look after your natural stone and keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Our range of Rob Parker’s Best products have been designed with over 20 years of stone experience and have been developed with chemists to ensure the best results possible when caring for your stone.

Products in our range

Rob Parker’s Best Patio Sealer
From £35.00/Each
Rob Parker’s Best Patio Cleaner
From £17.50/Each
Rob Parker’s Best Colour Enhancing Sealer
From £35.00/Each
Rob Parker’s Best Algae Remover and Patio Reviver
From £11.40/Each

If you have any questions about your natural stone, you can call us on 01844 279274 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

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