We’re Proudly ISO 9001 and 45001 Certified

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded ISO 9001 and 45001 certifications, internationally recognized standards that ensure our business and ongoing services meet the needs of our clients through effective integrated management systems.

These certifications ensure that our business operations and services consistently meet our clients’ needs through effective management systems.

Our journey to achieve these certifications has been focused on enhancing overall performance, maintaining exceptional product quality, delivering outstanding customer service, and prioritizing the well-being of our team. This effort has fostered a culture of safety, responsibility, and continuous improvement throughout our organization.

So, what does ISO certification mean for you, our valued customers? It means peace of mind. It signifies that every stone we deliver adheres to rigorous international standards. It embodies reliability, consistency, and a deep commitment to excellence in all our endeavours.

By aligning our processes with international benchmarks, we ensure consistent excellence across all aspects of our operations. This certification underscores our dedication to delivering premium quality stone products and on-site masonry services that surpass customer expectations.

Ensuring a safe and secure work environment for our team members is paramount. With ISO 45001 certification, we prioritize the well-being of our workforce, fostering a culture of safety and responsibility at all levels of our organization.

As we celebrate this significant achievement, Stoneworld reaffirms its commitment to innovation, integrity, and customer satisfaction. So, when you choose Stoneworld, you’re not just selecting a supplier; you’re choosing a partner who shares your values and commitment to quality, safety, sustainability, and all-around excellence.

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