Enhancing Landscape Designs with Aggregates and Boulders

Aggregates and boulders can serve as the centrepiece to landscape design projects, enhancing the overall appearance while being a sustainable choice.

At Stoneworld, we specialize in delivering premium quality stone elements, including rockery, boulders, gravel, shales, pebbles, and much more. One of our most sought-after products is the Cotswold shale, commonly used for pathways and driveways.


Gravels offer a versatile and practical solution to enhance the landscaping of your home’s exterior. They serve various purposes, from covering driveways and pathways to finishing the edges of paved areas. The type of gravel you choose for your driveway depends on factors such as your landscape and intended use. For general garden applications, most types of gravel will suffice.

For areas with heavy foot traffic or vehicular use, it’s advisable to opt for harder, more angular stones like cotswold stone or granite. Their angular shapes provide stability and minimize shifting and bunching up over time.

It’s wise to consult with your stone supplier for expert advice on selection.

Another excellent option is the self-binding gravel, which features a mixture of dust, sand and clay, that knit together to prevent excessive movement of the gravel.  This ensures minimal movement of the gravel, making it an ideal solution for high-traffic zones within your garden.

Additionally, gravel can be utilized to create informal seating areas, offering a more relaxed alternative to formal paving.

Rockery and Boulders

Rockery stone is a fabulous choice for creating informal-looking garden areas in which to grow alpine plants through (the traditional use of rockery), but larger pieces can also look great placed as feature stones or for informal walling projects.

Stone Boulders offer both aesthetic and functional benefits in landscaping. They can serve as a deterrent to access while still enhancing the overall beauty of the landscape. These boulders can create substantial and impenetrable barriers that are resistant to movement or damage. They can also be used to protect soft landscaping by preventing vehicles from parking on soft verges. 

Our collection of boulders adds an interesting design value to your garden space, whether used individually or in groups.

In this  La Roche Limestone Luxury Project designed by Rosemary Coldstream, Purbeck boulders were placed around the garden  complemented by the La Roche  paving as stepping stones and Cotswold shales.

NB: Don’t forget to ask your stone supplier for advice if you are planning to place your rockery stone around water.  There are certain things to consider with a water feature involving stone.  For instance, certain stones will leach minerals into water, which can be harmful to aquatic life.

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