How to remove blooming from new paving joints where resin jointing compound has been used

What is blooming on paving?

Sometimes blooming occurs around new paving joints. On the surface of the paving this presents as a slightly darker area near the pointing joint.  It has the effect of colour intensifying the affected area. Over time, and with weathering, this effect will disappear on its own. However, sometimes it is not possible to wait for this to happen.

Why does blooming occur around paving joints?

Blooming often occurs when instructions have not been properly followed. We always recommend reading the full product instructions before using any product, to ensure you get the best results possible.

However, if blooming occurs, rest assure that it is easily rectified.

Method to remove blooming from paving stone

It is possible to remove this blooming immediately by using our Rob Parker’s Best Stone Stripper. This product is excellent at removing sealants, paint, and lacquers from all stone surfaces.

The method for removal is easy, but care must be taken to treat only the affected area. At Stoneworld, we have designed a range of stone cleaning products – Rob Parker’s Best – to help you tackle common problems such as blooming. The product you will need in this situation is our Rob Parker’s Best Stone Stripper.

Apply Rob Parker’s Best Stone Stripper generously to the affected area of stone only. Protect the filled joint with plastic to prevent any accidental application of the product to the pointed joint.

Rinse off very thoroughly after 24 hours, ensuring all product has been washed away from the paved area.

Rob Parker’s Best Stone Stripper

Rob Parker’s Best Stone Stripper
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How to remove blooming from paving after using jointing compounds that contain resin

What is jointing compound?

Jointing compounds containing resin have become very popular because of their ease of application. At Stoneworld we sell a fantastic product for pointing the joints in our natural stone paving products.

ResiDUAL has become the landscaper’s first choice for easy pointing that will create a professional finish, fast!


ResiDUAL Jointing Compound
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