Stone Boulders














Stoneworld have large a choice of stone boulders that can be used as security boulders. They can be placed to create a deterrant to access, whilst remaining attractive in the landscape.

Stone boulders can be used very effectively for security purposes. They can  provide a huge inpenetrable barrier that cannot be breached, moved or destroyed.

Stone boulders can also be used to protect soft landscaping by preventing vehicles from parking on soft verges.

We have 2 types of stone boulder readily available.







Stoneworld Glacial Boulders have been placed at Bicester Village as security boulders barring vehicular access.  View the project>>

Stoneworld boulders were used in a fabulous landscape design project for a truly unique feature


Here large glacial boulders were submerged in a fabulous rille creating a dramatic underwater landscape.

View this project>>
















Please call 01844 279274 to ask our advice on which stone boulder would be most suitable in your situation.