At Stoneworld we have large a choice of large boulders that can be used as deterrants, whilst remaining attractive in the landscape.

They can be placed and used very effectively for security purposes, providing a huge inpenetrable barrier that cannot be breached, moved or destroyed.

They  can also be used to protect soft landscaping from damage by creating an obstacle that prevents vehicles parking on soft verges.

We have 2 types readily available.







Some of our Glacial Boulders were recently placed at our local retail outlet village as barriers to vehicular access.  View the project

We have also used them in a fabulous landscape design project we were involved in for a truly unique feature


Here large glacial boulders were submerged in a fabulous rille to create a dramatic underwater landscape.

View this project.
















Please call 01844 279274 to ask our advice on which would be most suitable in your situation.