Where can I buy the best sandstone paving

What Is different about Stoneworld Sandstone Paving?

At Stoneworld we pride ourselves on the quality and value of the huge range of sandstone paving and landscaping materials we provide, ensuring our products are always hardwearing and true to the colour expected.

Where do Stoneworld source Sandstone Paving from?

Our products are of a higher quality, due to the demands we specify to our suppliers in India. Specifically, we source all our imported sandstone from trusted suppliers who adhere to the Ethical Trading Policy.  Over the 17 years we have now been trading, we have developed an excellent relationship with our trading partners in India. Consequently, we trust them to supply only the best quality paving to us, ensuring you, our customers, will be happy with the stone for many years to come. We are able to demand certain quality controls are met, ensuring a better quality and truer colour product is supplied every time.

Stoneworld Fossil Mint Sandstone Paving

For example our Fossil Mint sandstone paving is far denser than many alternative Fossil Mint Sandstone examples available on the market.  This results in our pavers being less porous and therefore less susceptible to damage from frost and moisture. Taking the trouble to source these high quality sandstone pavers ensures any patio built with them will have a long life looking lovely in any landscaping scheme.  Fossil Mint typically includes 40% fossil markings across an order.  These beautiful natural markings are a particular feature of Fossil Mint.  However, because some customers don’t always want this feature, particularly in a contemporary scheme, we have a number of alternative formats for you to choose from where we have removed the fossil markings, either by selection or processing.  Throughout our range of Sandstone Paving there is a consistency in colour that will not be found in the cheaper alternatives that are available elsewhere.

What is meant by Pure Raj Sandstone Paving?

Our Raj Green Sandstone Paving is what can be called Pure Raj. It is incredibly dense, making it extremely hardwearing.  If you shop at Bicester Shopping Village you will see our Raj sandstone paving beneath your feet!  Think how much foot pounding that surface receives over the years.  We have reliably supplied Bicester Shopping Village with their hard landscaping for a number of years now, as they continue to expand. In this project we have supplied our thickest paving, which is 50mm thick – an exceptional quality paving product exclusively available at Stoneworld.

Stoneworld Raj Sandstone Paving at Bicester Shopping Village

What colour is Pure Raj Sandstone Paving meant to be?

The true colour of pure Raj Green Sandstone paving is well illustrated in the Bicester Village example.  Raj Green Sandstone Paving  should contain no greys or pinks, just the greens and browns that have the look of old Yorkstone.  Our pure Raj Green sandstone paving is carefully sourced to keep the colour consistent.

In a freshly cut seam of Raj Sandstone, in the quarries in India, it is possible to see the colour variation throughout the seam.  Pure Raj only comes through in a narrow seam.  Below that seam of green and brown sandstone, the sandstone is naturally a blend of pinks and greys.

How can you ensure you are buying Pure Raj Sandstone Paving?

To ensure we only supply pure Raj sandstone paving to our customers  it is necessary to selectively sort the stone at the quarry, removing any pink and grey stones. Only then can we reliably claim that the stone will resemble old Yorkstone. Our suppliers always do this.  It is a mainstay of our relationship with them, which has endured for 17 years now.

Many suppliers aren’t able to control, or don’t bother with, this sorting process. Unsorted paving results in a product with a  more varied colur mix.  Strictly speaking this unsorted mix should not be called Raj, as the name Raj is meant to be used only for the green and brown toned sandstone seam.

Therefore, in order to ensure a consistent colour match when creating a landscaping scheme, it is imperative that items such as paving and pool copings are bought from the same supplier. Otherwise there will be a marked contrast in colour between different parts of the project.

At Stoneworld pure Raj Green sandstone paving is available in a number of formats to suit your particular landscaping scheme.

Other Colours available in our Sandstone Paving Range

Whilst Raj Green and Fossil Mint are our bestselling sandstone products, we have many other colours to choose from, including:

We are able to offer this wide range of colours, as a result of the careful sorting process we demand from our suppliers.  Cheaper products available elsewhere tend to have a mix of everything, creating less distinctive colour schemes overall.

We Offer a Range of Different Finishes in our Sandstone Paving

Our range of high quality Sandstone Paving formats includes:

Extra Thick Paving

For an exceptional finish, look at our Summit Stone Extra Thick paving. This thicker format paving in Raj Green will give a superb finish to any project . The extra thickness gives increased durability that will outperform any other product. Also part of this range are a number of pavers in a 50mm thick  format that can be cut for wall copings, step  treads or terrace edging. 

Associated Sandstone Products

In our sandstone range we also have a number of other products that will complement our paving range, enabling you to unify your landscape design:

On site our  Masonry Workshop  is available to offer bespoke cutting and finishing services to our products if your project requires it.

We are always on hand to advise if you require further information to help make the right choice for your project.

Please call us on 01844 279274 or email us at sales@stoneworld.co.uk for any further advice you require.  Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand for tips and advice. Alternatively, you can fill in the enquiry form below and one of our team will be in touch shortly.