The Turmeric Test! Summit Stone Quartz Kitchen Worktops Come Out On Top

We were recently challenged by a customer who said...

We were recently challenged by a customer who said:

“I really like your new range of Summit Stone Quartz Worktops, but if turmeric stains them permanently, I am not interested!”

This customer had previously experienced the problem of permanent staining caused to their supposedly non porous quartz worktops and they were not prepared to have that happen again.

We needed to check this out for them, and also for ourselves in order to be sure what we could tell future customers about our own Summit Stone kitchen worktops.

Quartz worktops are a man made stone, manufactured from combining ground quartz particles with resins, polymers, and pigments. This forms a very hard granite-like surface.  Summit Stone quartz is 94% quartz and 6% resins and polymers.  Different brands have slightly different makeups.  Due to the resins and polymers, quartz kitchen worktops are technically non porous, which is one of their main selling points over granite.  Despite this, and with our extensive knowledge of stone and quartz, we still recommend a ‘belt and braces’ approach where quartz is concerned.  We normally seal all our worktops, before installing, regardless of whether they are granite or quartz. 

We have our own product for this: 

We find this is the only way to guarantee against staining, and the potential spoiling of the polished surface over time.

Back to the Turmeric Challenge:

Turmeric is a very potent spice used in many Indian cooking recipes.  it is also increasingly used in healthy lifestyle plans as a daily supplement. The curcumin within it (very good for you!) is insoluble in water making it difficult to remove from many materials- including kitchen worktops!

We selected 4 samples to test:

2 samples of our own Summit Stone Calacatta Fine Vein, one of which we treated with Rob Parkers Best Quartz & Granite Sealer.

2 samples of another high street name white quartz material, one of which claims to have superior stain repelling properties.

Turmeric solution was spilt on all 4 samples.  They were all left with the turmeric solution on the surface for 10 minutes.

All the quartz samples were then washed and left to dry for 2 hours.

All 4 samples show noticeable staining.

After this all the samples were cleaned with Dettol Surface Cleaner.

We are delighted to say that the Summit Stone Calacatta Fine Vein samples were the easiest to clean, leaving no staining whilst the other samples remained  stained.

We are therefore even more impressed with our own product, now that we know it out performs these well established quartz brands.  We knew it was good!

Summit Stone quartz is approximately 50% cheaper than the other brand used in this experiment.

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