What's the best way to clean a natural stone floor?

How to clean a natural stone floor

Using the right stone floor cleaner will help to keep your stone floor looking great! The natural qualities of your stone floor will develop over the years as the surface takes on its own patina, through wear.

We advise that new stone floors should be sealed with our Rob Parker’s Best Colour Enhancing Sealer, then regularly cleaned with Rob Parker’s Best Floor Cleaner. Using these products will mean it is easier to clean your stone floor and keep it gleaming.

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We have received enquiries from a number of customers, asking how to properly maintain their natural stone floors. Some stone floors have been known to become dull, and other products on the market have not solved this issue for these customers.

However, it is possible to rejuvenate an old stone floor using the right products.

We can provide expert advice

It is much easier to clean a stone floor if it has been sealed when it was installed. This will make the removal of everyday dirt and stains much much easier, as the dirt and grime will not be able to penetrate the surface of the stone as easily.

The importance of sealing a new stone floor

Sealing a stone floor is a very important part of caring and maintaining a stone floor. Quite often, problems cleaning a stone floor have initially been caused by ineffectual or non-existent sealing of the stone floor at installation. Sealing and re-sealing is an important part of caring for a stone floor. At Stoneworld, we strongly recommend sealing all new floors. Regular re-application of sealer will help maintain the stone floor.

Every time we provide a new stone floor, we provide advice and guidance to our customers in relation to maintaining their natural stones floors, so that the beauty of the stone continues to shine through for years to come. Regular cleaning is much easier after the floor is sealed.

What is the best way to clean a natural stone floor?

A lot of products on the market will unfortunately not bring you the results you are looking for. Many of these products are unsuitable for natural stone floors, and could end up damaging or reducing the appearance of your stone floor.

Similarly, using a mop with soapy water is also not the answer. The soap can actually take the sheen away from your floor. We always recommend using a product that is designed specifically for natural stone floors, to ensure the best results possible.

Why is my stone floor dull?

All stone has pores. Different types of stone have small or large surface pores. The stone pores can harbour ingrained dirt that creates the dullness noted above. This dirt needs dislodging and preventing from becoming ingrained.

Most supermarket cleaning products are not suitable for cleaning stone floors.  The surfactants present in many multipurpose cleaning products contain oils of some sort. Whilst they will break down surface dirt and spills, they will not have any effect on ingrained dirt sitting in the surface pores of the stone. Furthermore, mopping a floor with household detergent, deposits a thin layer of the fat on the floor surface, further spoiling the original appearance of the stone.

How can I make my stone floor shine?

To make your stone floor shine use a specialist floor cleaner like Rob Parker’s Best Floor Cleaner. This formulation works really well on stone floors.

How to Use Rob Parker’s Best Floor Cleaner

Rob Parker’s Best Floor Cleaner is a free flowing granular formation.

To use, it is mixed with water. The granules will still be visible in the solution created.  Our cleaner works by penetrating the pores, and then, during the soaking period, dislodging the dirt.  This cleaner will work on any stone floor regardless of the pore size, plus it will clean the grout.

If you adopt the advised regime carefully, which will allow the product to work effectively, you will find your floor regains its original lustre.

It not only removes the ingrained dirt, but over time, continued usage will prevent the future build-up of new ingrained dirt. The tiny granules in the floor cleaner  will settle in the newly cleaned pores of the stone. This is a desirable quality, as they have the effect of preventing new dirt ingress.  They will also brighten the floor as they have reflective qualities, restoring and maintaining the lustre of the stone surface.

We hope this article will help you to enjoy your stone floor. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us on 01844 279274 or email us at sales@stoneworld.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

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