What Should I Look For in a Stone Supplier?

How do you find a good stone supplier? Buying stone for the home is something that might only need to be done once or twice in a lifetime.  Therefore knowing the best places  to buy stone when its needed may not be something people readily know how to find.

A stone merchant is the best place to buy your stone from.

You will also see stone for sale at builder’s merchants, garden centres &  DIY Stores, but there are reasons why a stone merchant is best

Although all these different kinds of business will sell some stone products,  it is always advisable to buy your stone landscaping & building products from a stone merchant.

  1. They will import their own stone direct from the source, controlling quality and supply.
  2. They will also potentially have some masonry capabilities, such as cutting, to help you achieve your project.
  3. Some may have an onsite factory and will be able to provide a full masonry service, producing their own stone products on site, or having the ability to create bespoke items to order.

At a reputable stone merchant business they will also have sound knowledge and experience of all the properties of the selection of stones they have on sale, ensuring you choose the right one for your project. At a specialist stone supplier you will get all the advice you require and that way ensure that the purchase you decide upon will be fit for purpose. At a DIY store, graden centre or builders merchant it is unlikely that you will be able to approach any of the employees of these businesses to ask them for specific advice about the types of stone products you are considering buying. They are not specialists.

Stone merchants are specialist stone suppliers and tend to have large sites where you will be able to see a wide selection of products available. The best ones will have a large display area set out where you can view the products giving you the opportunity to visualise how the paving or walling could look at you own home.

They will also have a wide range of other landscaping stone available, such as rockery stone and decorative gravels making it easier to bring together several elements required for a whole garden project.

They will also probably be able to add extra required products to your order such as cement, sand, pointing material, sealant, etc. making it a one stop shop for your garden project.

Don’t be afraid to ask a stone supplier for their advice on any aspect of your proposed purchase.  They will be able to advise on

  1. Calculating the quantity of stone required,
  2. suitability of stone types for different projects
  3. The best way to lay paving
  4. Laying patterns suitable for various types of stone paving
  5. Aftercare, I.e. future maintenance requirements of your chosen stone material

As its their core business, securing the right quantity when you need it should be a quicker process.  They are ordering in large quantitiies on a regular basis, which will give you a better service.


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